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Feudum: Squirrels & Conifers

Feudum: Squirrels & Conifers

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    Feudum: Squirrels & Conifers is a "mini-expansion" featuring 50 tasty squirrels and 6 wooden conifer trees that bring the board's topography to life! This expansion replaces the green food cubes with pink ones and creates a multiplying food source on the map. NOTE: The pink cubes are more accessible for color blind players and may also be used apart from the expansion rules.


    - Remove the green food cubes from the game and use the pink "squirrel" cubes instead.

    - Whenever a brown wood cube is placed on the map (during setup or replenishment), place a conifer tree next to it, if one is available.

    - Place a pink cube beside any tree you just placed and beside any tree without a squirrel during replenishment.

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